Record data anywhere, anytime!

SecureKeep is a free iPhone app for you to capture what you see and think everyday, and share it with friends selectively and securely. Your data is securely stored in the phone and cloud with state-of-the-art encryption standards (256-bit AES encryption supported). Our servers do not store your keys, only you and the intended recipients can read your messages. You have total control over who can read your messages and how long they will disappear.

True Privacy

All your data is 100% private and secure. It is encrypted in your iPhone first and then stored in the cloud. Without knowing the password, anyone including us cannot read your data. We do not store your password in our servers. It is secure and safe for you to store sensitive data such as account passwords in SecureKeep.

Ephemeral Messaging

Send self-destructing messages (such as notes, photos, videos, drawing, audio notes) to your friends and groups. You have control over who can read your messages and how long they will disappear. You can also recall any messages that you have sent.

Collect & Sync

Sync across devices. Work both online and offline. When online, data is automatically synced across multiple iPhones or iPod touches (iPad and other platforms will be supported in the future). Your data is always up to date.

Share & Collaboration

Securely share notes, photos, checklists, tasks and other messages with friends and colleagues to collaborate on anything from group trips to team projects. You can control who has the permission to modify the messages and revision history is recorded.

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